Ramos Alarm Clock
The guys who built lots of alarm clocks. Paul and Mike.

In 2012 we launched a Kickstarter for an alarm clock I built to help me get out of bed early. After years of building these clocks for our awesome customers, we closed up shop in 2017. Working out of a dusty wood shop in Jersey City, we built hundreds of these clocks, making sure that each one would make the customer really happy when they opened the box. We learned a lot along the way and are grateful to all the people that trusted us with their money when all we had was a prototype and a couple of renders.

Thank you!
-Paul Sammut (see what I've been up to here)

If you are one of the special people in the world that owns a ramos alarm clock and lost your manual, here it is: LED Ramos Manual Nixie Ramos Manual